The black spots that grow on your garden stonework are actually spots of black lichen! The spores from the black lichen start life as tiny dust-like spores growing on the underside of leaves on trees and plants.

These spores are carried by the wind and the rain onto your stonework in their millions. Once they have landed the spores have a two-year germination period. So for the first two-years of your patio’s life it will remain looking really clean. In year three the colour in the stone will start to look dull and look like someone flicked ink across your stonework leaving tiny ink splatters. The reason why they grow on your garden stonework is because they feed off the minerals within the stone. Once they have exhausted an area of the stone of all its minerals they grow in search of more. Not only do they spread across the stone giving spot like appearance, they also burrow down into the stone at a rate of 2mm a year.

Encouraged by warm, damp conditions, these unsightly spots will only get worse if left untreated, ruining the original beauty of your garden stonework.

Black spots are incredibly resilient and can’t be removed by pressure washing. So if you’ve tried washing your stonework and the spots remain then there’s your answer. Take a look at the pictures on our site. Look familiar? Black spots it is!

Our Patio Black Spot Remover has been specifically developed to remove black spots. It’s not your standard patio cleaner; it not only targets black spots but completely restores the natural colour to stone. Removing all other types of organic growth.

You must use a 5-7 Litre pneumatic pump sprayer. These are typically available from garden centres. Apply the product like a fine mist and saturate the area. We recommend watching the product video before application.

Pressure washing is a much easier process when using Patio Black Spot Remover. However, if there is years worth of dirt on the surface, we would recommend you lightly pressure wash before. For the best results, ensure the product comes into direct contact with the stone and the ‘black spots’. The product is biodegradable, if you apply it to dirt, it will not work.

They will if you use our Patio Black Spot Preventer annually. Using Patio Black Spot Remover followed by a thorough jet washing is enough to remove the spots in the first instance.

The black lichen spores are so small, even if you were to seal the stone, they can still penetrate through the sealer. This means you will still get black spots. In fact, you just make it harder to clean the stone in the future. Natural stone should be allowed to breathe, it should not be sealed. Some sealers are microporous but this just makes it easier for organic growth, such as black lichen to grow. No sealer will stop organic growth (such as algae) from forming on garden stonework or stop the patio from getting dirty. Just use our Preventer in 11-12 months time. Even if you choose not to use our products, we wouldn't recommend you seal your stone.

Yes. Biodegradable and animal friendly, the Patio Black Spot Remover is not harmful to flowers and plants, and is safe for family pets. Please avoid spraying any neat product directly onto plants and the grass. In diluted form, it will not cause any harm.

Please be careful when using the product close to fish ponds. You must avoid all the run off from entering the pond as it would harm any aquatic life. If a small amount of the product enters the pond it would not cause any issues.

If you have a pond, we recommend pressure washing first, this way you remove most of the surface dirt which is usually what requires the most amount of water. Once dry, apply the product and lightly wash off afterwards, this way there is less contaminated run off. We recommend using sandbags to stop the flow of water. In the UK we have carried out several applications around fish ponds like this with no issues. 

You wouldn’t need to use the Remover every year. Only for the initial treatment. The Preventer which you apply 12 months later is a spray and leave treatment so wouldn’t cause any issues with the pond.

Patio Black Spot Remover is unlike any other product on the current market as it is the only product that can remove black spots from your garden stonework with almost instant results. It will not only remove the black spots but ALSO remove white fungi spots and restores your stonework, giving it that ‘just been laid’ look. Green algae is gone in minutes. PBSR has been on the market for over 14 years. Not once have we met a patio we're unable to remove the spots from. We use our products every day in the UK and know how to get the best results.

NO! Apply Patio Black Spot Remover when the day temperature is below 5°C and never use if the temperature is likely to dip below freezing overnight. The surface MUST be dry or the product will not work.

Typically within 2 working days after ordering.

Please supply a mobile number and email when ordering so we can keep you up to date with tracking information.

If you spray the product directly onto plants, it will scorch them, it will not kill them. If you spray the product onto stone as intended and wash off over the lawn and into the beds, it will not affect the grass or your plants. Patio Black Spot Remover and Preventer are safe to use around Artificial Grass.

Remover shelf life up to 12 months if stored correctly. Preventer shelf life up to 24 months if stored correctly.

Store upright in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight.

Yes, you must wear chemical resistant gloves (EN374), safety glasses and a mask to ensure product does not enter the respiratory tract. Wellington boots are also required. A respirator is not required. The product will stain fabrics and furnishings so make sure you’re not wearing your best clothes.

Rinse with water immediately (ideally warm water). If your clothes become contaminated, remove immediately.

Download: REMOVER safety sheet; PREVENTER safety sheet.